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The evolving energy transition supports society’s climate related goals by reducing energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 和 incorporating low-carbon fuels 和 infrastructure into the energy system. We are playing a proactive role to support positive change – embracing the energy transition that is underway 和 contributing to a lower-carbon energy world.


We have set ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets including:


Position to achieve zero emissions from our operations, on a net basis, by 2050.

These targets address Scope 1 和 2 emissions, using a 2019 baseline year for planning purposes.

我们的温室气体减排计划 outlines our strategies to work towards these goals, 同时也为未来开发下一代能源解决方案.



We intend to work towards our goals through a variety of strategies across our business units. 我们正在与我们行业内的客户和其他合作伙伴合作, 培养创新, 投资于研发. 我们正在采用不断发展的新兴技术, 安全驾驶, 可靠和可持续的运作. 

除了我们自己的直接排放, we are developing infrastructure 和 services that help decarbonize the energy system 和 reduce the full lifecycle GHG emissions of the energy we deliver. 例如, we will continue to assess 和 progress opportunities to transport renewable natural gas 和 hydrogen, 发展可再生能源项目, 发展碳捕获, 利用和存储(CCUS)基础设施, 和 develop other low-carbon technologies such as pumped hydro power storage.

现代化 我们现有的系统和资产

减少逸散性甲烷排放, 泄漏, 与常规操作和维护相关的排气和燃烧, 提高整体运营效率.

除去碳素 我们的能源消耗


投资于 低碳能源和基础设施

Develop a broad range of new low-carbon energy solutions for today 和 for the future.

开车 数字解决方案和技术

Develop 和 deploy software 和 systems to digitize our operations 和 monitor emissions – includes system automation, 人工智能和机器学习应用.

利用 碳信用和碳补偿

Evaluate 和 leverage carbon offsets 和 assess opportunities to develop nature-based solutions.

TransCanada/TC Energy的历史


在我们70年的历史中, our people have found innovative solutions to the energy challenges of the day. We have been working towards emissions reduction for over two decades 和 have more than 15 years’ experience with renewables 和 lower-carbon infrastructure. 我们在不断地学习, 与行业合作伙伴合作, 投资技术, 不断发展以确保我们的业务可持续发展. 这些都是坚实的基础.

TC能源公司是 甲烷指导原则, which focus on actions to reduce methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain.

We are collaborating with industry groups on methane reduction initiatives including:

We have committed $75 MILLION to venture funds developing clean energy technologies – 能源影响合作伙伴 (EIP)在美国.S. 和 NGIF(天然气创新基金)清洁技术风险投资 在加拿大.

我们是联合国的创始成员之一 新兴燃料协会 established by the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) in 2021.